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    When  a writer begins a new story he must decide:

"Who will tell my story?"



An author can tell a story from the
point of view.


The author can use the
point of view.


Let's look at both points of view.

Point of View

 A character in the story is
 the narrator.  This
 character is telling the
 story.  The narrator uses
 the pronouns
I, me and

 In first-person point of
 view, readers learn about
 events as the narrator
 learns about them.

           boy writing     

Point of View

 The story is being told by
 an outside observer
 (someone who is not in
 the story).  The author uses
 the pronouns
he, she, and

 In third-person point of
 view, the author can tell
 about the thoughts,
 actions, and feelings of
 the other characters.      

              person writing

    First - Person Point of View

 I walked home from school today with my
We stopped for ice cream.  I had
 vanilla. It's
my favorite.
   boy with ice cream cone
 When I got up this morning I brushed
  teeth.  Then I got dressed and ate my



        Third - Person Point of View

 Ted plays on a baseball team. 
He loves
 to play with
his team.  He has a game
 next week. 
His coach thinks he's a
 good baseball player.


baseball player 

 The princess was locked in the tower. 
had no way to escape.  She hoped
 that a prince would rescue
herHer wish
 came true. 
He came and took her to his



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