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What is an inference?

  You make an inference when you use
  clues from the story to figure out
        something that the author doesn't
        tell you.

   When you make an inference, be
        able to identify the
clues that you 


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Read this story about Pete and his friend Ted.

       Pete called Ted Tuesday afternoon and invited him
 to come to his house after dinner to watch a movie.   
 It had been a long, boring  day, and Ted was excited
 to have something to do.  After dinner, he hopped on
 his bike and pedaled over to Pete's house.  The house 
 was dark, and when he rang the bell, there was no 
 answer.  Ted turned around, hopped back on his bike, 
 and rode home.

          What had Ted concluded?

          What clues in the story helped you to make this   



      Read this story about Patti.

       "Achoo!" Patti sneezed. She sneezed again and then a third time.  She felt very warm and her head hurt.  She dragged herself out of bed and called her boss. She told her boss she wouldn't be going to work. 

            Why wasn't Patti going to work? 

            What clues in the story helped you to make 
            this inference? 


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Be able to identify the clues you used when making an INFERENCE.

For practice in making inferences, click on the flower.


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