Practice your editing skills for capitalization by looking for capitalization errors. Count how many capitals are missing and then check to see if you are right.

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 1.  matt ate a carrot.
 2.  how old is ethan?
 3.  aunt mary is 90 years old.
 4.  my uncle lives down the street.
 5.  becky loves halloween and thanksgiving.  
 6.  kara, matt, tim, and i are related to each other.
 7.  our house is yellow and blue.
 8.  david read the book charlotte's web.
 9.  nathan asked if he could play my nintendo.
10.  jack was moving to texas.  his train was leaving on monday from penn station in new york.
BONUS:  diane was traveling from kentucky to new york. kara, kaitlyn, and uncle gary were coming with her. they would be arriving in oswego at 9:00.


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