Let's practice finding realistic story elements.  Remember realistic story elements are the  characters, setting and plot in a story that are real or  things that can really happen. 


Read each paragraph carefully.
Decide if the characters, setting and plot are realistic.
Click on: 
Realistic (if you think this is something that could really happen or is true).
Fantasy (if you think it could not really happen or is make-believe).           

Scientists think that there are  four different shapes of snow flakes.  The first shape is a long needle shaped like a spike.  The other shapes all have six sides.  One of them is a long, hollow column that is shaped like a six-sided prism.  There are also thin, flat six-sided flakes.  And lastly there are very fancy six-pointed stars.

Realistic                                  Fantasy

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A little kitten named Sarah decided she wanted to go out exploring.  She asked her mom if she could go hunting.  Her mom said, "Yes, you can go,  but be home in time for dinner."  Sarah said, "Don't worry Mom I will."  Off she went in search of a great adventure.  Sarah returned home with a very sad face.  Her mom asked her why she looked so sad.  Sarah said, "I went out in search of a great adventure and I came with nothing to tell."  Sarah thought from now on she would stay home and make her own fun right here."

Realistic                                    Fantasy

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One morning Austin woke up and to his surprise it was snowing very hard outside.  He ran downstairs to ask his mom if he had school today.  Austin's mom said, "Right now you have a one hour delay.  We will keep watching the t.v. to see if school closes or not."  Austin decided to go back to bed for an hour.  We he woke up again he was happy to find out that school was closed for the day.  Austin decided that after breakfast he would go out and build a snowman in the front yard.

Realistic                                  Fantasy

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The day was finally here... summer vacation.  My family and I were planning a week at the beach and we couldn't wait to get away.  We all piled into the car and headed out for a 6 hour car ride.  When we arrived at our hotel we were disappointed that it was raining out and we wouldn't be able to take a dip in the ocean.  We decided to go shopping and out to dinner knowing we had a whole week ahead of us.  The next morning things didn't get much better.  Another rainy day.  We decided to go to the local museum hoping it would clear up by mid- day.  Once again it rained all day.  The next day was the same thing.  After three days of waiting for the sun we decided to pack up and head for home.  When we arrived home the sun was shining and our pool temperature was perfect.  I guess we didn't have to go away after all.  We could have stayed right in our own backyard and enjoyed the sun and water.

Realistic                                Fantasy   

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Freddy Frog was so excited when he woke up because his birthday was finally here.  He hopped out of bed, hopped down the stairs and asked his mom if it was time for his friends to come over yet.  His mom just croaked and said, "Oh Freddy you have 5 hours to go."  Freddy was a little disappointed, but knew time would fly by.  Sure enough 5 hours later his friends started to arrive.  The first one there was Lucy Ladybug with a HUGE present.  Then came Larry Lion and Sammy Snake.  The party started with games, prizes, food, and finally the presents.  Freddy was so excited to get a NEW green lilly pad from Lucy, and toy motor boat from Larry and a water frisbee from Sammy.  That night when Freddy went to bed he told his mom it was the best birthday ever.

Realistic                               Fantasy

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