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Mathematical Sentences

Remember...using a mathematical sentence as a problem solving strategy involves translating the verbal phrase into algebraic language. We call that writing an equation.

Four times a number, increased by nine is 37.  Find the number.



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Jack goes to the gym each week.  Every week he lifts 8 pounds more than the previous week.  During the ninth week he lifts 250 pounds.  How much was he lifting during his 1st week?


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Students at Hilltop Middle School are dismissed at 2:55p.m.  During the day there is a 10 minute homeroom period, 8 class periods of 41 minutes each, and a 34 minute lunch period.  If 4 minutes is allowed for passing between each period, what time does school start each morning?




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Postage is 34 cents for the first ounce and 21 cents for each additional ounce.  If the cost of mailing a package is $2.23, how much does the package weigh?


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If a + b = 6, b + c = 11, and c + d = 4, find the value of a if d = 1

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