Percent Application: Lesson
Percents Less than 1%
and Greater than 100%

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In this lesson, you will learn
that a percent that is less than 1% or greater than 100%
can be expressed as a decimal or as a fraction.

Because "percent" means "out of, or per 100", a percent which
is less than 1% is a quantity which is less than 1 out of 100.
.068%  .02%  .119%
A percent that is greater than 100% is a
quantity which is greater than 100 out of 100 or,
in other words greater than 1.
110%  225%  671%

To write these percents as decimals all that we need to do is move the decimal point 2 places to the left.

Original Percent Decimal Number Fraction
.23% .0023
.077% 77/100000
503% 5.03
9.01 9 1/100

For example:
Let's look at a percent which is less than 1....

Write 0.5% as a decimal and as a fraction:
0.5% = 0.005
Again, since percent means per 100, you can change a percent to a fraction by simply putting the percent over 100:
0.5% = .5/100
Remember, we cannot leave a decimal in the numerator so we must rewrite it as a whole number.  To do that simply move the decimal as many places to the right as required to make it a whole number, then add as many zeros, as places moved, to 100 in the denominator
.5/100 = 5/1000 (add 1 zero to 100)
The final step is to reduce the fraction to lowest terms: 5/1000 = 1/200

Another Example ....

Now let's look at a percent which is greater than 100...

Write 130% first as a decimal..
130% = 1.30 or 1.3
If we change it to a fraction it becomes 1 3/10
Since the fraction 3/10 cannot be reduced our final answer is 1 3/10
Now let's try some problems using percents which are less than 1% or greater than 100%.

 Let's look at another....

Mr. Smith's salary has increased by 350% over the past 20 years.  If his original salary was $22,000 per year, what is his current salary?
First change 350% to a decimal:
350% = 3.5
Next, multiply the original salary by the decimal number:
(22000) x (3.5) =

After 20 years Mr. Smith's salary has increased from $22,000 to $77,000 per year.

 One more...

In a survey of 5000 people only .3% of them said that all of their wishes had come true.  How many people in this sample does that represent?
First change the percent to a decimal:
.3% = .003
Then multiply the number of people by the decimal:
(5000) x (.003) =

Only 15 of the 5000 people surveyed had had all of their wishes come true.

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